In order to guarantee the quality of the products and maintain the direct management of the owners, we have chosen to reserve the catering for the guests who stay and stay in the structure.

The menu changes daily and favors local and regional recipes. The dishes are prepared with great attention to the typicality and seasonality of the products. The result is simple cuisine with true and genuine flavors.

Just as in the welcome and atmosphere of the rooms, the history of traditions, culture, family and territory can also be appreciated in catering.


INGREDIENTS: 1 leg of lamb 1 clove of garlic 1 sprig of rosemary 4 spoons of olive oil salt and
INGREDIENTS: 6 eggs 1 clove of garlic 30 gr of truffle red wine oil, salt and pepper Grate the clean
Greg, Martin, Antonella, Gabriele, Alessandra, Alberto. Who are they??? Friends who have the most diverse jobs but with a great