Discover Umbria


We are in Umbria, in the province of Perugia, within the Monti Sibillini National Park and more precisely in Campi, a village that retains the typical appearance of a medieval castle, in the municipality of Norcia, from which it is just 10 minutes away. If Umbria is known as the green heart of Italy, Valnerina, a beautiful valley that follows the course of the Nera river from Narni to Visso, can be defined without a shadow of a doubt the pulsating soul of this region.

In the territory of the municipality of Norcia, Fonte Antica is located in the Castoriana Valley, which connects Preci to the Ancarano gallows and is considered the spiritual cradle of the Benedettino movement. The name given to the valley dates back to a thousand years ago and is due to the presence of some small temple dedicated to Dioscuri Castore and Polluce, patrons of medicine. Right here, in fact, a surgical school was built under the protection of the saints Cosma and Damiano.

Inside Campi, with its medieval hillside castle (in the upper part) and the agricultural agglomeration of probable Etruscan origin with Roman evidence (in the lower part), is certainly one of the most characteristic and fascinating villages of the National Park of Sibillini.

In the Castoriana Valley, you will be in close contact with nature and sport. The walks along the paths of all levels to discover the beauty of the Monti Sibillini National Park, the walks in the woods in search of the prized porcini and turini mushrooms or delicious fruits such as blackberries and sour cherries will make you appreciate the unspoiled nature of these places. If you try your hand at sports, you can choose from horse riding to quad biking, climbing to mountain biking, rafting to fishing, paragliding to hang gliding.


While remaining out of the main tourist flows, the Castoriana Valley is centrally located with respect to the artistic, cultural and religious destinations of Umbria and Valnerina.

Castelluccio, the splendid Pian Grande (35 km) and Mount Carrier are essential inside the Monti Sibillini National Park. Norcia (11 km) and its famous gastronomy, Cascia (30 km) with the sanctuary dedicated to S. Rita, and Visso (17 km) represent the axis to go to get to know the Valneran in depth.

Finally, Spoleto (45 km ), the Marmore Waterfalls (50 km), Assisi (75 km) and Perugia (100 km) are the destinations, with a wider range, not to be missed to get a good picture of the Umbrian beauties.


The flowering of Castelluccio is an experience to try.