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FonteAntica was born from the bound to our land, with the desire to create a place to live over again the values and traditions of the past.


Original of Campi, small village in Umbria, where the Angelini Paroli own a cottage and the land that surrounds it which dates back more than two hundred years ago. The big house facing Via Vissana was built to host the hole family that, as it often happened in those times, was numerous. Today FonteAntica still holds a big part of the family’s memories and history. The business was refounded from Giovanni, Elisabetta and Paolo Angelini Paroli, three siblings that continue the dream began by their father Angelo. In 2008 they will be involved in this marvellous adventure, determined to give a new future to their past.


The complex, a 700 typical old farmhouse of Umbria, was restored throughout the years and today it has a rectangle shape on three levels with various belonging parts. Totally restored and adapted to become a welcoming complex, it is meant to be as a place where man can breathe a family atmosphere and at the same time to receive relax and comfort. The original structure has been preserved during the restoration works, holding back most of the goods and the furniture, with the intent to keep the charm of this place intact.


A three level building.
On the ground floor, where once were the stables and basements, today stands the reception and the typical products shop, a kitchen and a small room for ceremonies, conventions, courses and wine and food tasting.
On the first floor, there are two bedrooms for disabled, the restaurant which was and old wheat barn made of stone, the kitchen and reading and relaxing rooms.
On the second floor there are eight bedrooms that face the central hall. The mansard has two very big rooms to host groups or big families.


The exterior surroundings permit a fascinating view of the valley. The sound of the fountain’s water that follows directly in the garden and the wind through the trees are a fantastic background. Not only we have a huge relaxing zone but also a playground and a ground to play bowls. An old tub was restored and now contains fish from the river Nera.



At moment the restaurant is open only for our hosts. Menù changes day by day and has local and regional receipies. Dishes are prepared with typical and season products. The result is simple but genuine tasty dishes. The story of our tradition, culture and territory is put in all dishes.



The family’s business estate is about 14 hectares which are cultivated entirely with a biological system, to produce lentil, spelt, chickling and oil. These are considered poor but high quality products thanks to particular weather conditions, an extraordinary organoleptic quality. The vegetable garden, the officinal plants and the court animals are part of the farmhouse. Norcia is famous for certain products such as cheese, salami and meat. These products are taken care by local farmers that are dear friends of the family since ages and that is our best guarantee.